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updated wed 19 apr 06


JOYCE LEE on tue 18 apr 06

At the end of a career as an educator with experience that covered
just about every level of education and several mastered =
who spent the last couple of decades as a high-school administrator....
who was assigned the job of disciplinarian for 1600 kids and found
that it only took a consistent 28% of my time....... so branched out =
curriculum development and all that entailed from my end of the
spectrum.... even was tasked with (such an appropriate term in this
case) the dreaded (for me) Buildings and Grounds of a many acre
complex.... as well as Athletics, which I dreaded but learned to =
because of close contact with the over-worked and under-paid coaching
staff...... and who never once spanked nor hit nor jerked a kid nor =
ANYBODY in any kind of public forum.... though I did have to watch the
quick and easy use of Sarcasm through Humor when one has a captive
audience which to me is worse for the captive than being hit....... when =
all said and done,
though I adored my job
as much at the end as at the beginning, if I had it to do over, I'd
homeschool my sons, at least through 8th grade. I'd find some way
to prepare them for the double shock of high school AND entering
the public school system....... AND I would carefully select the
high school as well as the teachers. Can't do that? Yes, indeed,
you can if you follow whatever the local guidelines are for getting
the job done.

I'd homeschool and worry every day that I couldn't do the job
effectively. What an undertaking! Talk about being unselfish and
committed to one's principles! It's too late for that aspect of my
sons' education to be addressed but that is one of my regrets.....
of which I have many.

In the Mojave desert of California USA where my biggest shock as
an educator was every year at graduation when we had so many
parents call to ask for directions to the school .... how can that
happen? Do you know where your kid's school is located?