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updated wed 19 apr 06


Kristin Yount on tue 18 apr 06

HA !

Oh you all made my day.
Yes Lisa, that was the point that I was going way around the horn to
make I tried to do this
by cutting them slack and I ended up having it blow up in my face.
That's because:
I charged next to nothing (need based scholarship),
flexed the age rules so this nice homeschooling family could play and
learn together
and then made the mistake of actually trying to form a teacher student
situation in
when these people were having their weekly clay outing. I don't tell my
teachers how to teach and I don't have a policy that disallows parents
from being around BUT
I will be STRONGLY advising the teachers and parents that it is not the
best way. If there are still problems
then I will adopt that no parents policy.

I don't like being on the wrong side of you. Your words just made me laugh!

It's true there is a lot of unfair stereotyping of this group. However!
I am trying so hard to make a nice, affordable art option for home
schoolers at my
center which is a YMCA I have eight wheels two tables, slab roller
everything! It could be so great
. And believe me people try to back me off of the idea all the time.
The following points are from my neighbor
who runs a homeschooling co-op.
. "oh they don't have money to pay they are single income families after
-that's ok I tell them I have a grant those who can pay will etc...
"oh they are flaky and are always on their own time table, they will
only come when they feel like it"
Oh well. She was so right so far in my experience. It sucks.

I will still keep on offering the classes and posting them on the on
line resource lists,
and doing outreach like free open houses, neighborhood nights.
I really want to get a program going for the home schooled kids in
Portland OR.
who are from N. Europe learning English at home or in church basements
instead of going to school
because they haven't been "melted in to the pot yet".
So for my NEXT trick I am going to try and hire an artist from this
community and bring them in
to my center for art classes. I think I can get funding so I won't have
to charge anything (I love doing that)!

I just believe that someone will appreciate it and it is good to know
that at least you all do!

Take Care,