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cone 6 layering glaze tests

updated fri 21 apr 06


Randy McCall on tue 18 apr 06

I am getting ready to test some layering of a number of glazes in the next
couple of days. I have tested Jayne Shatz's Blue Matt under her Glossy
Black and it turned out great. Also used a variation of the Blue Matt with
4% copper carbonate under Glossy Black and it was good too. Tried a
variation of Blue Matt with 10% Rutile and got a nice tan turned a patterned
blue under Glossy Black. Again it had a nice pattern. Oh yes, I also used
the RRJH's Liner glaze 5% copper carb, 5% rutile, and 8% zircopax (Jade
Green not sure who put that one out there) over those also and got some nice
light green patterns.

Any other suggestions that I need to try while I am at it? Always searching
for that ultimate glaze combo....................


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South Carolina

Crista Nelson on thu 20 apr 06

how about some pictures of these so we can see.....Please please