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an above-ground pit? is that even a word? or just a crazy idea?

updated wed 19 apr 06


Taylor Hendrix on sun 16 apr 06


Yes you can build an above ground "pit". Dry stacked hardbricks will
work great. You might want some kind of metal lid to put over the pit
once it gets going really well, but some people don't cap their pit at
all. I do. You can play with leaving small openings between bricks
in places to allow air to the packed fuel. That should supply enough
air for your needs and you might have fun trying different things. I
wouldn't put the pit on asphalt though. I bet the heat would make
things gooey at the bottom of the pit.

Don't waste the ITC. No need for it.

A wealth of pit firing information is on the web including the way
different people stack a brick pit.

Have fun, fun, fun.

Taylor, in Rockport TX

Donna Kat on tue 18 apr 06

On Sun, 16 Apr 2006 23:13:30 -0400, L. P. Skeen wrote:

>Luba, check my website for pit firing above the ground.

Can you give a description of how you stacked the wood and fed the fire
without breaking the pots? With the pit fire I did, the pit was so large
that there was no need to add wood -the stacking was a framework around
the pots with the fire burning from top to bottom. I've seen open fires
where the wood stack forms a tepee around the pots and wood is added
carefully to keep the form of a tepee. Neither of those seem
to be ones that would work for what you have shown. Yours gave impressive
results with what appears to be a very simple means of pit firing.