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interesting math #2

updated sat 8 apr 06


JOYCE LEE on fri 7 apr 06

Well, drat........ might as well say it. Think about your own=20
children. Would you let them get by with being so victimized?
Nor would you allow them to victimize others in such a manner......
not at home nor with friends. You'd straighten THAT out fast
enough....... in your own style, true, but you would not allow it
to continue happening.


While you're thinking about what a professional would do..... maybe
you could think about what a MAN would do. Sometimes that is a
very healthful way to think ...... sometimes they even have something
valuable to offer us.... in my experience at least. Nurturing IS the
way to go for me, too, but not if in the process I lose myself..... or,
worse yet, give myself away.