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john britt's witt and workshop...

updated wed 5 apr 06


Brian Haviland on tue 4 apr 06

Hello to all,

I just wanted to let everyone know how the John Britt workshop went
this past weekend in Kettering Ohio @ the Rosewood art center.
First off I want to thank the awesome staff at the center for making
the weekend such a comfortable learning experience. The classroom
even had padded chairs (believe me with my tired ass it made a diff).
The center is one of the best organized and ran centers that I have
ever been to. It has made me that much more determined to try and
start a program here in Wayne county Indiana that will be based
on the energy exchange program. John was kind enough to share
some personal connections with me to get a head start on the development
stages of this dream. It IS going to be a reality in the next few years.
Patients is a i keep telling myself . Back to the workshop..
I have never met a more demented problem child potter than John. He
has the most amazing personality. His sense of humor is from the pages
of the wild side cartoon series and i still laugh just thinking about it.
He is
an open book of glaze information. I was in awe at what came out of his
mind without even cracking a book open to ref. what he was saying. I learned
more in one week-end about glaze composition then i have learned in the
past two years of trial and error and book reading....He just made it click on.
I have always felt very overwhelmed when it came to unity formulas and
what they mean to the potter.... and making the process your own, to really
take on the dragon and to trust in your numbers and not just read a label
splash it on the pot throw it in the self firing kiln and bitch when it all
up on the shelf and call so and so ceramic company and demand an explanation
of what went wrong with THEIR product........ Not that i have ever done that...
I just want to start doing line blends and finally cross that bridge that
it's sad to say
a lot of clay folk never cross for lack of knowledge. We also fired a brand
new 18 cu.ft.
bailey kiln the center just commissioned recently and it's a beauty. I was
able to fire
3 pots ,2 bonsai pots and one vase. The planters had a pen state Shino on
them and
the vase a fake ash glaze which i am sad to say did hit the shelf. I even
allowed a 2"
dry section at the bottom of the pot to allow for runs. I was told i could
have used another
glaze that was more stable at the bottom of the vase to catch the ash
lesson learned. He did some throwing demo's that were very interesting. His
parts and then doing an assembly of thrown parts was like nothing i have
ever seen.
Great work from such a troubled potter freak....Just kidding John.....I
will be posting a
bunch of pics at my shutterfly location and i hope you get a chance to take
a look at
them and see some of the pots that came out of the firing and some of John
throwing parts
and pots and doing some critiques of glaze combo's we used on the pots. So
much information.
So little time.....John, Thank you so much for your time and for Teaching
us how to think
not only outside the box, but inside the kiln. And also thank you Connie
for the invite here
on clayart. Please keep events for the center posted here. And one more hug
goes out to
Kathryn at Rosewood arts for making us all feel so welcome.

Brian Haviland ......Up and coming Glaze guru...In a couple decades....:>)

PS: This was my NCECA 2006....Pics are
If it asks for a password and email
use and sofia2 as password.

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Kathy McDonald on tue 4 apr 06

thanks so much for taking the time to post the pictures.
Wonderful to see. I left the link intact for others.


PS: This was my NCECA 2006....Pics are
If it asks for a password and email
use and sofia2 as password.

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