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firing tips and cone support (was salting cones)

updated wed 5 apr 06


Will Duderstadt on tue 4 apr 06

After the question earlier this week about salting cones, I wanted to
share some related troubleshooting news with this group.

We have created an Online Reference Library at Orton!

Does anyone know the shelf life of Orton Cones? We get allot of
phone calls asking, so we've answered it (along with the recent
salting question, and many others) in the FAQ section. We also have
over a dozen "Firing Tip" pdfs, like "Understanding Crazing" and a
"Porcelain Firing Guide".

We added several photos of "problem" cones, to help you understand
what's going on inside your kiln.

Have you ever seen a cone bend backwards?? We have:

I even added a picture of a "salted" cone to illustrate the hard
shelling that is possible:

So, we are here to answer any cone related firing questions, keep em

Best Regards,

Will Duderstadt

The Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation
(614) 818-1341