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spring cleaning (not my favorite thing to do) and ancient clay...

updated mon 3 apr 06


m.mshelomi on sun 2 apr 06

Have been going through my kitchen cupboards
deciding what I use, what should go in give-away
and what should go back onto a shelf only to be
touched/remembered next spring cleaning.

On the top shelf, which necessitates a tall step
stool, way in the back corner, I found a bowl that
made me smile.

I picked it up, wiping my dusty hand on my pants,
while touching, turning and enjoying the remembrance
of times, places and people that I have not thought of
in years.

I had been potting for just a few years and working in
a co-op trying to pay my rent, my daughter's pre school
tuition, and eat with pots. The co-op had just built the
first gas fired railroad kiln.

We were all nervous, taking turns watching the kiln,
since none of us knew what we were doing exactly.
When we opened the kiln, ooos and ahhhhs filled the
brisk spring day in 1972... Everyone was yelling,
touching each pot as it was unloaded, hugging one

Have washed and dried my old bowl. It is back on the
shelf where it shall remain to be a reminder of the past
when I do my next spring clean.

pottermim in hot and sunny Florida