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grasshopper ulrich's sculpture ?

updated mon 3 apr 06


Lili Krakowski on sun 2 apr 06

Ok. I am no way the expert on this and I HAVE NEVER WORKED with paperclay.
That said , and as no one seems to have jumped in on that one, let me try to
field your

For one: You message is a bit confusing. I do not mean to seem cruel,
but it is a help if questions are clear and concise. (Duh!)

1. You are about to change from c.10 reduction to c.6 electric. NB I do not
say "oxidation" because that is inaccurate, and applies to fuel
burning\kilns. Electric
kilns have a "neutral" fire. That is a whole story by itself.

Yes, expect results to be different. More from change from reduction to
neutral NOT change in temp. And, in my opinion, seeing as what
you are doing, the way to "correct" the change in effect might well
be to change clay body. This is something to take up with the dealer.
If I understand your message correctly, you are working towards a
finished "product" that is a darkish brown. I would start with a red
clay body.

2. You are making scultptures you now are tinting with oxides. You do
not tell us what color the clay you are working with fires to....If you
are now working with something that fires buff/greyish or like that
changing to a red body may dissipate the entire problem. By the way
I hope you have read up on the toxidity of some oxides, and take
all proper precautions....

3. You want something to make the high spots paler. Is that right?
You are suggesting a white glaze. Ok. Are you looking for something
like whipped cream on chocolate pudding, or simply a little sprinkle of
something--lettuce say some cinnamon powder on chocolate pudding?

Because I just do not see where glaze could or would do anything except
make patches...I do not see how you would get a smooth flow,continuity,
like that.

If I were doing it I would start with a body the color I wanted...or close
to it. I would then dip the whole "product" in a slip just a tidge darker.
I would let the whole thing dry, and WEARING MY DUST MASK,
rub OFF the slip where I want the lighter color of the body to peek through.
The slip by the way can be reclaimed. Waste not, want not. For the
rubbing off
one of those little sponges that have that green scouring pad on one side
are good. Use dry, either/both sides.

4. You might consider what a sculptor friend does--finish the spots
you want shiny with paste wax or shoe polish...

I have used both Tucker's Mid-Red and Standard's Brooklyn Red
both of which are adorable clay bodies. No I have no commercial
interest, am not a relative, blah, blah, blah. I am sure other
clay body producers also have red c.6 clay bodies.

I sign myself Ancient Aunt to a great nephew who is 70 years
younger than I--mind-boggling, really. SO, Grasshopper, to you
I sign Ancient Ant.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage