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updated sat 1 apr 06


Marilu Tejero on thu 30 mar 06

Wish to share this great news. Still over the moon...!! A 5th grader ... Junior will be a great artist... well, he already is... he has a great future.

Gerry Williams awarded 8 Studio Potter magazine subscriptions for high achievement in the 2006 National K-12 Ceramic Exhibit.
Students and their teachers should all be proud. The following students, pieces and teachers were recognized:

1. Blair Potwin, Twisted, Grade 12, Lake Oswego High School, OR. Teacher: Steve Schiefelbein.
2. Andrew Antar, The Red Violin, Grade 10, The Haverford School, PA. Teacher: Kris Nelson.
3. Natasha Widdison, Hermoso Loco, Grade 12, Box Elder High School, Brigham,UT. Teachers: Lee Burningham and J. Lester.
4. Darin Vartanian, Altered Teapot, Grade 12, Arroyo Valley High School, San Bernadino, CA. Teacher: Keith Brockie.
5. Martha O'Connell, Teapot Form, Grade 10, John Burroughs School, Sandy, UT. Teacher: Andrew Denny.
6. Malynda Groke, Zebra Teapot, Grade 12, Cedar City High School, UT. Teacher: Susan Gonzalez.
7. Shannon Yoder, House of Roots, Grade 12, Huntington Area High School, PA. Teacher: Jack Troy.
8. Junior Lewis, Friends, Natural Bridge Elementary School, Grade 5, North Miami, FL. Teacher: Marilu Tejero. (The magazine subscription was awarded to the teacher.)

Copies of this email went to the teachers to notify them of this honor. Subscription envelopes and cover letters were sent to the students via snail mail, care of their teachers at their schools.

Paula Sibrack Marian
K-12 Board Member
Studio Potter Board Member

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