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magazine diving

updated sat 1 apr 06


Taylor Hendrix on thu 30 mar 06

Howdy folks:

When one can't throw for some reason or another, one reads.

Casting about in some 1950s _Craft Horizons_ I have hooked some
biguns. Read an article on Vulkos when he was just starting to rock
the boat. You should have read next issue's letters. Man, the
letters to the magazines never seem to change do they?

A really interesting pair of letters caught my eye in the 1958 volume.
The first was a letter signed M. Wildenhain and said, "Sirs: Would
you please cancel my subscription. When the level of your publication
will rise again to an interesting magazine, I shall subscribe again."


In next issue's letters was a reply from Hal Riegger:

"I'm glad Marguerite Wildenhain cancelled her subscription. Not that
I fully agree with her about the quality of CRAFT HORIZONS, but I
respect her frankness and sureness of action. Would that there were
more of us wht this kind of positive conviction. I think this is what
draws students to her, in spite of the fact that most all of her
students' character and self expression appear to suffocate under her

Wow! I'd LOVE to know what that was about. Mama Lili, I enjoyed your
article on the Rio textile and graphic artist. Almost 50 years ago.=20
Some ride, huh?

Where oh where has my little wheel gone?

Taylor, in Rockport TX