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go with god

updated fri 31 mar 06


Lili Krakowski on thu 30 mar 06


You are the first person to whom I've ever been a "hero" Thanks.

One of Frans Wildenhain's much quotedsayings was "Go with God, but go!" It
can be interpreted several ways.

I interpret here as response to a long, a bit tearful goodbye in a drafty
doorway. You will be missed on Clayart for knowledge, patience, and

However when the taxi is at the door, it is best, I think, to be brave and
quick. Bandaid removal style!

So. We will be in touch--many of us--off list, and eager to hear your news
and adventures.

And may God bless your new adventures, and your work. Keep well!

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage