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de$igning a $tudio

updated fri 31 mar 06


Lili Krakowski on thu 30 mar 06

Come on, guys. ALL the suggestions are grand, and wonderful....but we never
were told what the budget allows--And no one has asked--gee, Wicket Witch
will--where this studio is going, what the climate is, and what the budget

Seems to me the order is: CLIMATE. Does your studio need insulation, or
will you need to close down in ? Remember: clay as clay can freeze; wet
pots must not. LOCATION: Are you adapting an existing space as in
basement, or are you using part of a garage, or are you renting a space, or
are you building a dear little building? This consideration refers among
other things to wiring, water supply and like that. SAFETY: this refers
to cleanable, sanitary space, washable walls and floors, proper ventilation,
and if you are adapting a space, preventing as best possible the "tracking"
of mud and more importantly dust to other areas of the house. BUDGET: Need I
say more?

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage