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workshop sales

updated fri 24 mar 06


Pat Southwood on wed 22 mar 06

I agree with Lilli, with one additional point.=20
I think people really like the idea that the pot has come direct, both =
physically and financially.
Best Wishes,
Pat Southwood

Sue Ballou on thu 23 mar 06

I took a workshop from David Beumee recently on
throwing & decorating plates. He had many plates
there as examples; some of which were for sale. It
really helped to illustrate what he was talking about.
I felt no pressure to buy. A friend of mine bought a
plate she'd been coveting for months. So David (and
others) please don't stop selling your work at

Sometimes I buy a piece because I really need to have
it & other times because it illustrates something I
learned so well that I want it as a reminder.
Sometimes I don't buy at all. But it's nice to have
the option.

Sue Ballou