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was karen's 50 mile radius now clay times......

updated thu 23 mar 06


Gayle Bair on wed 22 mar 06

What I found curious was the cover of The Clay Times magazine
with our very own Sandy Miller's beauteous pieces.
During NCECA in the Clayart room Clay Times editor Polly Beach participated
in a very detailed and informative session on submissions to the magazine.
I was grateful for all the information on how and what to submit.
When I received the March/April with Sandy's pieces I noticed that the cover
shot seems pixilated and too low a resolution.
Now I realize they are working with a new format and have added a lot more
I'm happy... not complaining.... just curious as to what happened.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA
Tucson, AZ

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From: David Hendley
Tony, please forward your e-mail to the Clay Times office.
They need to know that people pay attention.
The title of my latest "Around the Firebox" column was indeed,
and you hit the nail on the head, "With a Little Help From My
When I got a copy of the new Clay Times at NCECA, I flipped
to the back, to see how the photo I sent in with the column
turned out.
"Rich in a Community of Friends"?!!! You gotta be kidding,
how boring and lame!

Just as they changed the title of our joint column in 2004 from
the intriguing "Saskatoon, Saskatchewan", to the lackluster
"Time and Place", some unknown editor decided they had
a better idea.
I'm not kidding about Clay Times. Let them know what you

David Hendley
Old Farmhouse Pottery

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> David: First of all I anxiously awaited my CT with your article in it
> about
> helpful friends and how most lately they are in the music business. I
> can't
> get past the title- Rich in a Community of Friends. This don't sound like
> you. I figured you would have been more creative with a "A Little Help
> From
> My Friends" reference to The Beatles. Is this protecting Americans from
> drug
> reference, like protecting the Missouri Evangelists eyes from your Soldner
> posters. Tell me it was the editor and not you. You're not getting all
> wishy
> washy on me are ya?Snip>