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need info on carol suzanne kiln

updated thu 23 mar 06


John Keith on wed 22 mar 06

I am seeking information on a Carol Suzanne kiln. I understand
that the manufacturer of this kiln is no longer in business so
I think it is not possible to get technical info from them. Here
is the information from the serial plate on this kiln:

Model: CSE BX 8.0
Serial Number: #546
Max Temp: 1290 C
Volts: 120/480 3 phase (the controller is 120)
Amps: 20

I am immediately interested in getting specifications of the heating
elements so I can order some replacement parts but I would also
be interested in a copy of the manual and any other data that might
be available for this kiln.

Thanks for any help!

John Keith

Helen Bates on wed 22 mar 06

Replace nelbanell with yelbanell when replying to this post.
Dear John Keith,

What a coincedence that your last name is Keith!

New Mexico Clay has, or had, a Carol Suzanne kiln for sale.
What is interesting is the information that the Keith Company, of Pico
Rivera, CA, purchased the manufacturer of the Carol Suzanne Kiln, Ceramic
Fiber Fabrication, when CFF went out of business.

Here's the current url for the Keith Company (the one shown in the page
mentioned above is out of date):

For technical information, try:

For general contact information, go here:

The company claims it supports all Keith, CFF and DFC brands "in the field
today" and also that it "single sources" parts for many competitive brands:

Good luck.

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada