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updated thu 23 mar 06


Lili Krakowski on wed 22 mar 06

Getting nice giggles out of the discussion of sales at workshops!

For one: some people are charming, warm and totally cuddleable and any one
would want to take a souvenir home from a workshop. Like relic of a saint.

Others are pleasant enough, good presenters, very instructive, but their
pots are not lovable/or portable and/or beyond what attendees can afford, or
schlep. This is something to consider: that someone, many, might attend a
workshop on XXXX but have no desire or ability to own a pot made by/with
that technique. For instance: a mother of three sets of twins all under
seven might go to a Raku workshop, but be reluctant to buy an 18" Raku
pot....(can anyone guess why?).

And then there are those who make a big point that they have brought pots
for sale with them, and that during breaks these can be viewed etc. etc.
This I find pushy and a bit of a muchness.

What I am trying to say is that it all depends on who, what, when, where.
BUT: 1. Many people do NOT live where there are great and varied galleries.
Many DO NOT attend craft fairs. Many go to workshops because they live in
relative isolation, and are happy to be able to buy a pot or two at the
workshop. 2. I think the price of the pots and their size matters. Small
is better. Portable is better. Carry-on luggage is better. Plenty of
wrapping stuff around is better.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage