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surfing with helen bates - it's spring! march 20th., 2006 - france,

updated wed 22 mar 06


Helen Bates on tue 21 mar 06

UK, Guatemala, USA

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Surfing with Helen Bates - It's Spring! March 20th., 2006 - France,
UK, Guatemala, USA

Most of the artists shown here have a strong concern with the
decoration of the surface.

But first, a few links about Jade Snow Wong
(1922-2006) (San Francisco, CA, USA)
(Jade Snow Wong Retrospective) (Hover mouse pointer over "Exhibitions"
link and select "Past Exhibitions" then at that page scroll down to the
link: "Jade Snow Wong: A Retrospective.") (Many of the pieces in this
exhibition were part of her one-women show at the Art Institute of
Chicago in 1952 and were then put into storage for the next 50 years.)
("Jade Snow Wong: A Retrospective" illustrated news release)
(Lovely copper-enamelware bowls by Wong)
(Photo of Jade Snow Wong as a young woman, at the potter's wheel.)

Gillie Hoyte Byrom (Ashburton, Devon, England, UK)
(Painter of Enamel on Copper Portrait Miniatures; has a page showing
the process of copper-enamelware painting) (The artist recently posted
to Clayart.) (Not clay, but a silica art, none the less)

Kay Aplin (UK)
(Architectural tile project in Wales) (Currently doing an AIR in
Guatemala and a recent poster to Clayart)

Marko Fields (Minneapolis, MN , USA)
(Ceramic and mixed media sculpture. Field's pieces are decorative
vessels of often sardonic content.) (Some figural material includes
small male nudes)

Zaytceva, Irina (Klaudia Marr Gallery) (Born in Russia, now in USA)
(The artist's works are created using highfire porcelain, with
overglaze as well as underglaze painting plus an extensive use of 18K

Crystallines 2005 Juried Exhibition (Vallauris, France) (French and English)
(International Exhibition of Macro Crystalline Glazes 2005) (Several
Clayarters have work and a page here: Avril Farley, Diane Creber,
Ilene Mahler, Jon Price, William Melstrom, Denis Caraty) (The artist
pages are images, and if you're clever, instead of the web page, you
can load the actual image and view it at its large size)


Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
Clayarters' Websites:
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