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fw: web seminar addresses common clay problems and solutions

updated sat 18 mar 06


W J Seidl on fri 17 mar 06

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Subject: Web Seminar Addresses Common Clay Problems and Solutions

Don=92t Miss=A0the Web Seminar:
=93Defeating Defects=94 Presented by Jeff Zamek
Hosted by Ceramic Industry magazine and Pottery Production Practices
Thursday, March 23, 2 p.m. EST. Estimated Length: 1 hour
What can go wrong with clays, glazes and kiln firings? Everything. At =
point, every potter will encounter a clay or glaze defect. Identifying =
problem quickly and knowing how to correct it is crucial to remaining
In a new web seminar hosted by Ceramic Industry magazine and Pottery
Production Practices, Jeff Zamek of Ceramics Consulting Services will
outline the most common glaze and clay body defects, delving into their
causes and detailing proven solutions. Whether you=92re just starting in
ceramics or are an advanced professional, you can gain an increased
understanding of ceramic materials and how to solve basic clay and glaze
faults. If you have ever had a clay slump, warp or crack, or a glaze =
craze, crawl, bubble or pinhole, you can benefit from this web seminar.
The one-hour web seminar will feature both a presentation and an =
QA session, where you can ask Jeff about specific defects you
have=A0encountered in your studio. Registration is=A0just $49 and =
includes a
copy of the presentation.=20
To register, visit
Click on the tab for Upcoming Events. Select =93Defeating Defects.=94
About the Speaker:
Jeff Zamek received bachelor=92s and master=92s of fine arts degrees in =
from Alfred University, College of Ceramics, Alfred, N.Y. He taught =
at Simon=92s Rock College in Great Barrington, Mass., and Keane College =
Elizabeth, N.J. In 1980 he started his own ceramics consulting firm and =
contributed articles to Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, =
Times, Studio Potter and Craft Horizons, in addition to Pottery =
Practices. His books, What Every Potter Should Know ($31.45) and Safety =
the Ceramics Studio ($25.45) are available from Jeff Zamek/Ceramics
Consulting Services, 6 Glendale Woods Dr., Southampton, MA 01073; e-mail
For more information, e-mail Kristi Grahl at =
call (248) 366-2503.=20
P.S. - Your suggestions for future web seminar speakers and topics are
welcome. Please e-mail me at the address above=A0- I'd love to hear from =
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