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dental tools

updated sat 18 mar 06


Bruce Girrell on thu 16 mar 06

Just about any dental tool can serve as the starting point of a useful tool.
If it isn't shaped the way that you want, use a grinder (don't get the tool
too hot!) to reshape the tip of the tool.

I'm looking for a periodontal probe, AKA a peri probe. These are used to
check the extent of gum disease and they are a thin pin on the end of a
handle. The pin has a mark every millimeter or else every three millimeters.
Seems like the perfect thing for checking glaze application thickness.

Bruce "open wide" Girrell

Kurt Wild wrote:

"What is the name of the kind of dental tool I would ask my dentist for?"

Just ask your dentist if he has any discarded tools you could have.
Then, when you see what he has, take what you think might work for you,
go home and try them out.

If you don't like what you took, take them back or just keep them
for some future possible use.

Janna Marcilla on fri 17 mar 06

I have several perio probes. Email me off list.


Jo Ann Carrigan on fri 17 mar 06

I still don't know which ones so I wil take one of each. I will pass whatever I don;t use to someone else. Thanks. Let me know about the shipping.

Janna Marcilla wrote: Hi,
I have several perio probes. Email me off list.


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