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sasha mandel, judith motzkin video

updated sun 19 mar 06


j e motzkin on wed 15 mar 06

You have to have quicktime to run this video. you can
get a free download.
Also, if you play it before it loads, it will stall.
Give it a minute or two.

Sorry if the speeded up throwing is frustrating, fellow
potters, it was not made for us. It cracks me up
everytime i see how fast my hands move, how fast the pot
grows. Imagine working so fast!


/motzkin/studio/7 TUFTS Street/Cambridge, MA 02139/

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Carole Fox on fri 17 mar 06

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006 07:36:48 -0800, j e motzkin wrote:

>You have to have quicktime to run this video. you can
>get a free download.

What a great film! Yeah, it sure would be great if our hands could shape
a pot that fast. Thanks for sharing, Judith.

If anyone is still having problems viewing this, download the latest
version of Quicktime which is 7.0. I had 3.0 on my PC and it didn't work
at all.

Carole Fox
Dayton, OH

j e motzkin on fri 17 mar 06

Steve, I am glad you liked the film. I will pass your comment
along to Sasha. Keep your eye on this
rising video/musician.

I also have Quicktime on my PC, and the site asked if I
wanted to update
it so I did.
It is a stunning piece of film no mistake.

Didn't run too fast for me.


In message , Mike Gordon writes
> I have an I-Mac that has Quicktime for video viewing
and it works just
>fine. It looked like it ran rather fast though. Mike

/motzkin/studio/7 TUFTS Street/Cambridge, MA 02139/

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Crista Nelson on sat 18 mar 06

I just got the movie to finally load on my puter, still have dial up here so
it took a while, but very much worth the wait, it was wonderful.. I love that
pot.. especially the side that looks like a face.... lovely, lovely
lovely.... Crista.......