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wheel head help!

updated tue 14 mar 06


Thomas H Kelly on sun 12 mar 06

I have a Laguna GT 400 that is about 3 years old. Yesterday the wheel
head suddenly stopped turning. If I mannually turn it back half a turn
and step on the food pedal, it will turn about an 1/8th of a turn and
stop there.

My problem is that I can not get the wheel head off to see what is
going on. I know that there are 2 set screws (one just below the
other) but I can not get to the bottom one. The plastic collar appears
to cover the bottom screw and even with prying and cursing, I cannot
seem to get to it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Tom Kelly
Durham, NH

Dot Burnworth on mon 13 mar 06

I have a total of 8 Pacifica wheels between my teaching studio and my
home studio.
I have had very little problems with them, and have had nothing like
the sudden stoppage you had...
however, I did have one of the plastic plates come loose underneath
the wheel head and had to lift the wheel head off...could NOT do it,
even with three strong folks tugging. So, I called Laguna--they're
very helpful. A guy in tech support walked me through the following
get two 2x4s about 3 feet long each. place them parallel to each
other under the wheel head sticking out towards opposite directions.
(that is...if you are standing where you'd normally sit to throw, one
board is at the top of the wheel sticking out left and the other is at
the bottom of the wheel sticking out right)
get someone else to help you. Simultaneously, pull up hard on the
boards. They become levers, and with the pressure coming from both
sides, the wheel head will come off. (by the way, make sure you've
taken the two pressure nuts off first that are located under the wheel
Good luck. Call Laguna. They're helpful.
Dot Burnworth
Brooklyn, CT

Bonnie Staffel on mon 13 mar 06

Hey, Tom, don't know if this could be an answer, but when my wheel head
started making weird noises, I felt under there and found a lot of hair =
wound around the spindle down into the holder. The hair was black so it =
either from my granddaughter or our new black Newfoundland dog. I took =
needle tool to scratch around under there to loosen some and then pulled
some with my two fingers. Next I lit a match to burn the hair off. One =
the reasons I checked for hair was that our washing machine stopped =
and the repair man said the spindle or whatever, was wound with black =
That was a light bulb moment for me.


Bonnie Staffel
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