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newbie to clay art

updated mon 13 mar 06


Dan on sat 11 mar 06

Hello everyone,

I'm new to pottery,

I'm active duty Navy,
take art classes at the local college in Pensacola, FL

I make glass beads, have poured some ceramics with my wife,
beginning goldsmith, glass fusing, polmer clay...the list goes on and on.

I seem drawn towards jewelry arts...
my immediate goals are to make clay beads to complement my glass/silver

I'm a member of the potters council, the polmyer clay guild, NAPP, GAS,
and the international society of glass beadmakers.

I have 2 sites that are in desperate need of updating and

I've been married .... 14 year this june.
I have a 11 yr old daughter.
we have 2 cats and 1 guinea pig.

Hope to share great things with you all!!