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underglazes and high fired stoneware

updated mon 6 mar 06


marci Boskie's Mama =^..^= on sun 5 mar 06

Melissa wrote:
My kids need the strength of the stoneware, but crave the finishes of
earthenware. Can this be accomplished with good results? I'd love to
switch to underglazes and eliminate the mixing of 25 different colors in 5
gallon buckets - storage is a nightmare! (along with keeping all those
colors properly suspended)

Why not fire the stoneware to maturity , glaze with a clear glaze
and then use china paints to decorate the surface? China paints, fired
to anywhere from cone 018 to 014 ( depending on where your glaze is
fired... a glaze fired at a lower temp would need a cooler overglaze
fire... a hot fired glaze, say , one fired on porcelain , would benefit
from a hotter overglaze fire) will give you vibrant color in a very wide
range and its " what you see is what you get " as far as color also ....
Another advantage of china paints over the glaze as opposed to underglaze
is that you can always wipe off the china paints and start again if you
dont like the design, as opposed to underglazes which sink into the clay
body ....
You may get a bit of color shift in a few colors ( like some of
the iron reds, which have a tendency to go a little more brown than they
do on vitrified porcelain with a hard glaze ) but all in all, the colors
should fire pretty true...
Lead free china paints are available and although I normally mix
and paint with oil as my medium, I have a great recipe for a water based
medium that has the same feel as an oil medium but uses only glycerin ,
water and Knox gelatin.
Another plus: china paints dont take up a lot of room and they go a
long way since you only apply them in thin washes...
Fell free to email me if you need more information.

Marci Blattenberger Boskie's Mama =^..^=
Porcelain Painters International Online

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