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underglaze and high fire stoneware

updated sat 4 mar 06


Bonita Cohn on fri 3 mar 06

Oh - sorry.
try this:

That website has frames, and is not able to bookmark
the page.

click on "no frames" > go to "main index" > and it is
in the Educational section under "class materials."
two sections down is the title "Underglazes".

the frames version: click on Education > class
materials > scrolls to other educational materails.
you will see: "Underglazes at C10 - Stevens"

ALso - at cone 5, we have used some of them, some of
the reds turn purple, and the greens become brown.

Hope this helps!

--- Denise wrote:

> Hi Bonita,
> I tried the link for the article on Duncan glazes.
> I searched everywhere I could think of but was
> unable to find it. Any thoughts??
> Thanks,
> Denise St Laurent

Bonita Cohn

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