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the tony & tom road show

updated sat 4 mar 06


David Hendley on fri 3 mar 06

Whew, what a busy couple of days.
Tony Clennell and Tom Wirt made it to Maydelle Tuesday
afternoon for a respite from the cold north. Don't let them know
that it was actually cold and rainy all last week, because we
had gorgeous 80 degree days while they were here. We had
a wonderful time seeing the local sights, having a few drinks,
dancing to the jukebox (with Karen), having a few drinks,
visiting Blackjack Clay Company, having a few drinks,
demonstrating for a group of Girl Scouts, having a few drinks,
cooking wood fired pizza, having a few drinks, visiting the
Maydelle Winery, having a wine tasting, having a few
drinks, and having a few Dr Peppers.
I had to go back to bed and rest for a couple of hours after
they left at 7:00 this morning. Get ready San Antonio.

We covered it all. If you are on Clayart, have no doubt we
talked about you.

David Hendley
Old Farmhouse Pottery

Dale Neese on fri 3 mar 06

All eyes scanning the horizon for the Canadian polar express from Maydelle
pulling into San Antone. Thanks for the warning David. No doubt the crew
will need a few drinks after their travels..... Looking forward to welcoming
Tony and Tom to the Alamo City. Everyone here is excitedly awaiting the
workshop tomorrow. Jim Bob Salazar from Alpine, attending the workshop
before heading up to NCECA with me will be staying here at the casa for two
evenings. Samuel Adams at the ready.
We will look for you in the ClayArt room at the Red Lion...... hauling my
mug with me.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA