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test kiln - hot box?

updated thu 9 mar 06


Susan P on wed 8 mar 06

I recently purchased a beautiful Skutt 1027 with the fabulous electronic
controller. I have been thinking that it would be prudent for me to have a
very small, cone 10, electric test kiln with an electronic controller. I am
looking at the Olympic Hot Box 86 E - or HB86E, which is rated as cone 10
and has .25 cubic feet interior space. It does, however, have a very
different type of controller. It is the "3 Key Electronic Contoller" made b=
bartinst (see Apparently they make these and controllers for

What I am looking for is input. Does this sound like a good idea? Will my
little kiln be similar enough to the bigger one so that I can make decent
test firings?

Thanks tons!

Susan in Edmonds