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surfing with helen bates - march 4th., 2006 - uk, usa

updated mon 6 mar 06


Helen Bates on sat 4 mar 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - March 4th., 2006 - UK, USA
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Jennie Hale, Jennie (Longham Pottery) (Coryton, UK)
(Hale originally made both raku and saltglaze animals. All her work
was figurative, but the raku was hand-built and sculptural, while the
saltglaze pieces were thrown and modelled "semi-domestic ware." Since
1986 she has worked exclusively in raku" which is built up from coils
on a slab base.) (A lovely, well-made, highly-individual website.)

Jonathan Barrett-Danes (Liss, Hampshire, England, UK)
(The son of Alan Barrett-Danes, Jonathan is at least the fourth
generation of his family to work in clay. He makes humourous ceramic
animal figures: large "frost-proof" pigs, bulls, sheep and chickens for
the garden, fired to 1260 Celcius, and glazed earthenware horses for in
home adornment.)

Alan Barrett-Danes (1935-2004) (Abergavenny, Wales, UK)
Alan and his wife Ruth Barrett-Danes often produced pieces together:
Alan Barrett-Danes's obituary: Interpreting Ceramics: Issue 6:
Alan Barrett-Danes's archived artists's statement:

Where I Fell in Love Gallery (Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire, England,
(Ceramic artists: Ben Brierley, Ian Gregory, Nicola Richard, Andrew
Palin, Julia Gatrill, Mike Dodd, Richard Phethean, Mo Jupp, Paolo
Staccioli, Margaret Frith, David Frith, Paul Jackson, Sue Crossfield,
Andrew Niblett, Tanya Gomez, Geoff Townsend)

Art in Clay 2006 (Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, UK)
(The 12th National Pottery and Ceramics Festival, ) (Many of the
artists who will be exhibiting in the show in early August have links
to a page on this site or to their own websites.) (Really, I should
have put just this one link in a separate post!)

Edward J. Orton Jr. (Founder of the Orton Company of Westerville, Ohio)
(Orton is a non-profit company. "At his death in 1932, Dr. Orton
provided in his Will for creation of the Foundation to operate as a
charitable trust to continue the operation of the Standard Pyrometric
Cone Company for the benefit of the ceramic arts and industry.")
(The Orton Conebox Show was tarted by William Bracker in the early
1970's. It is hosted biennially by Baker University in Baldwin City,
KS, USA) (This page has links to works shown from 1998-2004.)


Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
Clayarters' Websites:
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