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surfing with helen bates - march 3 2006 - usa

updated fri 3 mar 06


Helen Bates on thu 2 mar 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - March 3 2006 - USA
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Hello, here are more links:

Claudia Dunaway (Yummy Mud Puddle) (Burnsville, NC, USA)
(Skillfully thrown and decorated stoneware dinner and tableware, with
underglaze decoration - quite delightful) (Also some photos from the
2004 Chuck Hindes / Jack Troy Woodfire Workshop at the Penland, NC,

Maggie Towne (Claybabe) (Louisville, KY, USA)
(Maggie makes vessels in red clay, decorated withe slips & low fired
glazes, large rustic garden vases, stoneware "vase-head" figural work)
(An instructor of art and ceramics at the Kentucky Country Day School,
Louisville) (Posts to Clayart.)

"Ron Meyers & the Royal Canadians"
(The Signature Shop & Gallery, Atlanta, GA, USA)
(Clayart's Sheila and Tony Clennell, plus Bruce Cochrane, Walter
and Ron Meyer) (This site is huge and deep. Past exhibitions online
numerous and load as pop-up windows which then generate their own
windows to display individual pieces.) (With a fast connection, the
shwos and images load within a second or so. Even a slow connection
not be too bad.)

Michael Kline (Okra Pottery Studio) (Bakersville, NC, USA)
(Besides Michael's lovely work, there is a catalogue of items donated
many potters for Michael's hand injury benefit sale.) (For the Benefit
Catalogue, click on "Benefit Show & Sale" then on "Online Catalogue.")
(Contributing Artists: Richard Aerni, Linda Arbuckle, Christa Assad,
Mary Barringer, Peter Beasecker, Posey Bocapolos, Lyn Bowers, Kyle
Carpenter, Tom Clarkson, Michael & Josh Cohen, Kevin Crowe, Bernadette
Curran, Josh DeWeese, Kim Ellington, Paula Erker, Marty Fielding, Julia

Galloway, Bruce Gholson, Sylvie Granatelli, Bob Green, Chris Gustin,
Greg Gwilt, Samantha Henneke, Jane Herold, Jean Hicks, Niel Hora, Ayumi

Horie, Gene Hotaling, Ellen Huie, Fred Johnston, Jody Johnstone, Matt
Jones, Peter Karner, Gail Kendall, Simon Levin, Liz Lurie, Maya Machin,

Michael McCarthy, Donna McGee, Ryan McKerley, Alleghany Meadows,
Miller, Hiroshi Nakayama, Lisa Naples, Lisa Orr, David Orser, Francine
Ozereko, Neil Patterson, Aysha Peltz, Sandi Pierantozzi, Ronan
Erika Sanger, Ted Saupe, Ellen Shankin, Jeff Shapiro, Mark Shapiro,
Michael Simon, Liz Sparks, Adam Spector, Debora Sworzecoph, Constance
Talbot, Bill Van Guilder, John Vasquez, Todd Wahlstrom, Barbara Walch,
Catherine White, Tara Wilson, Andrea Xenides, and others.)

The Art of Texas (State of Texas Arts and Crafts Fair)
(Ceramic Artists May 26-29, 2005: Sherri Jo Adams, Frank & Susy Bird,
Ron Boling, Don Brimberry, Russell Lee Collins, Peggy & Dennis
Cindy Fugua, Alice Gidley & Bill Goodale, Barbara Gorman, Mike Grafa,
Fraser & Linda Harris, Ron Hollister, Jim & Susan Huckaby, Eddie & Rita

Krieger, Phil May, Darla Morris, Katie Pell, Brandon Phillips, Paige
Adkins Shelton, Stephen & Bonnie Todee, Paul Uhl, June Whitacre,

Enjoy! Helen

Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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