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is there a correct bisque temperature needed for painting glazes?

updated sat 4 mar 06


Fran Schwartz on thu 2 mar 06

Hi clayarters,
In the archive discussions on enhancing the flow of glazes when painting
them on bisque, there was mention that there was a firing temperature for
the bisque that was best for this procedure, but no further explanation of
this. If this is indeed true, what would be the optimum temperature..or
Also, many additives were mentioned (CMC, Glycerine, Cee gum T, Cee gum T)
that would also help the flow. Would there be one or more of these that
would be better at high temperature?
Thanks again for your help. Fran Schwartz..from Sunny,and warm San Miguel
de Allende, Mexico, at 6,150 feet.

Paul Gerhold on fri 3 mar 06

Too low a bisque and the clay will suck the water out of the glaze too fast
to allow smooth application. Too high a bisque and it will require too many
coats to get adequate glaze thickness. All this is very dependant on the clay
body and also on the composition of the glaze.

In summary there is no easy answer-testing is required but well worth the

CMC will help.