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elec kiln installation cost? listen to howard! and one other thing

updated fri 3 mar 06


Craig Clark on thu 2 mar 06

Julianna, really pay attention to what Howard has said here. He knows of
what he speaks!!!! Someone even recommended that you get a 25 amp
breaker. If they were refering to the breaker size for you kiln they are
nuts. As Howard says, make certain that you use the breaker size that is
recommended for the kiln by Cress!
Just wanting to reiterate the best advice yet
One other thing......check out what the service to your house is. If it
is only a 100amp or 125 amp service you may end up with problems trying
to run your kiln off that service as well as what you may normally be
running in your house at the same time., Especially if you have anything
else in the house which will draw a large amount of current such as an
electric stove, electric heater, electric airconditioner (window
type/central), or an electric dryer.
Hope this helps
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 St
Houston, Texas 77008(713)861-2083

Arnold Howard wrote:

> Julianna, before you have the circuit installed, you should obtain Cress'
> recommended breaker size and wire gauge for that kiln.
> Sincerely,
> Arnold Howard
> Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA
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> From: "Julianna McDuffie"
>> Hi all - I'm a three year newbie in Southern California with a 220v,
>> 25amp
>> Cress kiln sitting patiently in my garage waiting for installation... I
>> have no 220v socket available (gas dryer) and have been given a price
>> quote of $283.00 for the wiring/socket installation.
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