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'bison studios' seeks assistant for tuesday show set-ups @ the

updated fri 3 mar 06


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 2 mar 06


Hi all,

If there are any local Potters or other Clayart
related persons who may be interested to help me
with some things on Tuesday, to make some
preperations for the Show, the day before the Show
opens, please write to me now at so we may make some

This is a paying gig...

Entrance to the Commercial Hall is taken care of
my me for that day.

And, it should be easy and fun...

Thank you...


Philip Poburka

proprrietor - maker
Bison Studios
Las Vegas

Jeanette Harris on thu 2 mar 06


Hi, Phil,
My husband and I will be there on Monday afternoon/evening.

Don't know if I can volunteer him, he's not home at the moment. heh

Whatcha need doing?

Jeanette Harris
Poulsbo WA

Potter's Council member