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cone 6 macro crystalline glaze recipes wanted

updated mon 27 feb 06


Bill and Sylvia Shirley on sat 25 feb 06


I finally got a pyrometer and would like to try macro crystalline
glazes. Does anyone have any cone 6 recipes they would be willing to
share? I do have a book on crystallines, but most of the recipes are
for cone 9/10. Does adding 5 percent lithium really work to lower the
temperature without ruining the effects of glaze? I checked the
archives and found a little information, but no recipes.



jesse hull on sun 26 feb 06

Lowering the temperature of crystalline glazes will definitely have an effect on the visual of the glaze when put up against a ^9 or higher glaze base.
When Bill Schran presented at LatticeStructuresTM , his topic was exactly what you're asking for. When I introduced him, I offered my opinion that ^6 glazes should not be viewed only as an "alternative" for higher fired glazes, but as an aesthetic with a beauty all its own.
Contact Bill Schran or Fara Shimbo for glazes to try.

~jesse hull.

Noel Jensen on sun 26 feb 06

Here's a page that I've been to with some recipes:

Noel Jensen