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cone 6: can i sit down now?

updated sat 25 feb 06


Lili Krakowski on fri 24 feb 06

Mel writes:

"[I]f you fire an electric kiln, stand up and be counted as a potter.

there is no better or worse, no snob can
push you around. the work depends on the quality of the potter,not the
kiln that is used. or temp you fire.
thanks to all that have helped make this possible. it is an ongoing

As one of the many who have fire electrically for 50years plus, as one of
the many who wish more attention had been paid all along to Emmanuel Cooper
and Eileen Lewenstein and so many others who did--as did Lucie Rie--wonders
with electric firing, as one of the many who always have worked at

I am tired of standing up. May I sit down now?

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage