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updated fri 24 feb 06


Richard Mahaffey on wed 22 feb 06

We have shown both photographic transparencies (slides) on a projector
and shown digital photos on a digital projector.
Everyone was in the room it is/was a social thing. Digital does not
take that away.

Back in the 1960's there were shows that packed up the slides and sent
them to one juror who then packed them and sent them to the next.
That was not a social thing where the jurors could talk to each other
and discuss their thoughts.

You need only to add a digital projector to your computer to show the
digital pictures to a group of jurors. Early slide projectors were as
expensive 9for their time) as digitals are these days. The digital age
is coming and it behoves groups and shows to allow digital media as soon
as they can possibly afford it.

I like digital because I can color correct the image to accurately match
the piece that I am showing. With wet darkroom (traditional) slides I
need the correct lights and those lights had better not be too old or
the color of the light will shift and cause the color of the slide to be

I am on my second digital camera and am thinking about upgrading it some
day soon. I did the same thing with my film cameras starting with what
I could afford then upgrading when I could afford to do so then
upgrading to a professional photographer because slide juries were
photography contests and the technology was very hard to master. The
digital seems easier to master to me.


Rick Mahaffey
Tacoma, WA