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cone 6 breaking glazes (buy the book)

updated mon 20 feb 06


Chuck Wagoner on sat 18 feb 06

Hmmmm....don't you think you should encourage them to buy the book. A
lot of people who come through my shop have asked me for John and Ron's
glaze formulas and I always tell them where I got them but suggest that
they really ought to buy the book. It is worth its weight in cobalt at
the least. Not to mention that it is a great book and there is more to
using the glazes then just mixing up the formulas.

Just my opinion, but they took a lot of time and energy to educate us
and help us make better safer glazes. I for one am very grateful to

Slightly perturbed potter,

Chuck Wagoner

> Candy,
> I have all the MC6G glazes and would be happy to send you the recipe,
> no one else has. Just let me know.
> President of the Glaze Free Trade Society
> John Britt