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surfing with helen bates - february 17 2006 - uk, egypt, usa

updated sat 18 feb 06


Helen Bates on fri 17 feb 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - February 17 2006 - UK, Egypt, USA

Christine Cummings (Lancashire, England, UK)
(Raku Animal figurines, especially pigs, but also dogs, cows, cats and
goats) (Trained at the Lancaster Polytechnic, Preston, Lancashire and
did her graduating show on pigs.)

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden (Ockley, Surrey, England, UK)
(Excellent collection of sculpture in a number of media, with a good
representation of ceramic work. A pleasure to visit, even virtually.)

Mohammed and Hani Mandour (Cairo, Egypt)
(Father and son potters) (Shown are a couple of small pieces by each.)
(Some work by Mohammed Mandour, who was trained by traditional potters)
(One more of Mohammed's pieces is shown here.)

Michael Gross (Mt. Horeb, WI, USA)$%7BClientIP%7D*SQ1284
("I scratch, etch, and carve into the clay.")

Sayoko Kay Mura (Kailua, HI, USA)
("Oh Solo Meow"... Here's a sculptor making fun dancing cats, but
that's not all... look for the "Garden Beastie" if you want a smile.)
(Mura is Professor of Art (ceramics and sculpture), Leeward Community
College, Pearl City, Hawaii.)


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Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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