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surfing with helen bates - february 14 2006 - scotland, england, usa,

updated wed 15 feb 06


Helen Bates on tue 14 feb 06


Surfing with Helen Bates - February 14 2006 - Scotland, England, USA,

David Bursill (Armadale Pottery Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK)
(Production pottery making high-fired pottery and crystal glazed
earthenware, using wheel-throwing and slip-casting methods)

John Pollex (John Pollex Ceramics) (Plymouth, Devon, England, UK)
(Pollex has moved from traditional English slipware to making highly
colourful work decorated by painting on coloured slips with brushes and
also by applying slips with pallette knives._

Nancy and John Gertig (Prairie Springs Pottery) (Osseo, MI, USA)
(The Gertigs make a basic line of pleasantly decorated functional
stoneware pottery, including serving pieces, dinnerware, decorative
plates and collectible Stoneware Santas and other figures.)

(Non-commercial site maintained by collectors, for collectors) (I note
that in some cases prices have been included, and presumably these are
prices at which the items had sold. Other pieces are labelled "private
collection, or have a dealer name but no price. There are no links to
the dealers themselves, as far as I can tell, even at the "Auctions"

The Guthe Collection (Museum of Anthropology, Michigan U.) (Ann Arbor,
("[C]ollection [...] of Carl E. Guthe [...] [who f]rom 1922 through
1925 [...] conducted archaeological explorations [...] throughout the
southern Philippine archipelago. [...] Guthe shipped virtually the
entire collection of artifacts to the U[.] [...] of Michigan[.] [...]
[The] collection includes more than 7500 ceramic vessels, most dating
from the 14th-18th centuries[,] [...] [which] were produced in China,
Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.")


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Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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