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my first teapot/my first sinks

updated fri 17 feb 06


Ann Brink on thu 16 feb 06

Good for you, Gay, being pleased with your first teapot! Believe me, when
it comes to teapots, you'll make some that you won't be satisfied with! But
it's so intriguing to keep trying.

I remembered that I still have the first teapot I made back in 1981, and
just for fun I took a photo of it and posted it on my blog:

The other pictures I posted there today are of the two "vessel sinks" I just
finished. One is an order, and I made a backup. Just about the time I needed
to make them, there was a thread here about making sinks and I really
appreciated the hints.

Good firings!
Ann Brink in Lompoc