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my first teapot

updated sat 18 feb 06


Gay Judson on thu 16 feb 06

Well, I just hope Tony does not tell me he won't let me put one of
"his" handles on MY first teapot. I think it is great, today. No
telling what I might think of it in a few more years. My teacher
suggested (really he _said_) that the handle on the lid is not
> >.
> >Cheers,
> >Tony
> >P>S Congrats Gay on your t-pot. I wish I could find my first one!
> I'd make the owner cry when I attacked it with a hammer.
> >
And from Fred Paget;
> I still have the first pot I ever made on a wheel. It is right here
> in front of me - Ugly grey brown lead art glaze on a 2 inch high
> bowl/ vase form squatty and heavy. Dated 9/62. I keep it in the
> house where it is safe =" my precious". Safe from the solid (iron)
> golden hammer I keep out in my "home factory"...
> That gold hammer is an antique cross peen hammer, painted with gold
> spray paint, that I keep for the important duty of culling my bad
> pots. Every potter should have one.

Well, maybe I should get my gold hammer ready...

Gay Judson in San Antonio

Gay Judson on fri 17 feb 06

I have posted a photo of my teapot on flicker. You can view it at

Gay Judson

W J Seidl on fri 17 feb 06

Tell your instructor to go pound sand.
Nothing wrong with that lid handle, from what I can see.

Wayne Seidl

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I have posted a photo of my teapot on flicker. You can view it at

Gay Judson