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cone 6 crackle slip questions

updated thu 16 feb 06


Noel Jensen on tue 14 feb 06

I have been experimenting with using Daniel Rhodes' cone 6 engobe recipe
(for dry clay) as a crackle slip recipe for the last month or so, an
idea which I found searching in the archives. I am applying the slip to
the clay when it is anywhere from leather hard to somewhere less than
bone dry. The question that I have is, "Wouldn't I be better off using
the recipe designated for damp clay instead since what I want is to get
a good crackle going?" I know, I need to test, test, test, but if anyone
would like weigh in with advice as to the direction my testing should
take, please feel free. Here are the two recipes:

Damp Dry
Kaolin 25 15
Calcined Kaolin 20
Ball Clay 25 15
Neph Sye 15 15
Flint 20 20
Talc 5 5
Zircopax 5 5
Borax 5 5

Also, this base recipe is for white slip. Should I expect the addition
of oxides and/or stains to affect the crackling?

Noel Jensen