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updated thu 16 feb 06


Ivor and Olive Lewis on wed 15 feb 06

Dear Friends,
I enjoyed reading Prof. Nils Lou's comment in CM Feb 2006 p 96.
His "Gorilla Slip" seems to be the Complete Universal Save Every =
Situation All Purpose Adhesive, capable of performing the duties of =
Simple Slip, Magic Water, Spooze, Deflocculated slurry and Wet Paper =
What a recipe! ! ! Two kinds of Clay, a Patent Carbonated Beverage, =
Stale Beer, Old Fashioned "Elmer's Glue", White Vinegar, Gloss Acrylic =
Medium ( which we are assured promotes "Thixotopicity" and, to make sure =
more Vinegar and Water. We are assured it will stick anything to =
anything (and last for ever if sealed against air) providing the parts =
are "Hydrologically Similar". A person might assume this also means =
broken bisque !
Well, I would be pleased if someone would elaborate for me ( in the =
context of an earlier paragraph which reads in part <<....Understanding =
the nature of clay and the ionic attraction of molecular interfaces that =
depend on hydrostatic interaction is all one needs to know for =
successful attachment....>> the relationship between the molecules of =
each of the ingredients and the molecular configurations of plastic, =
leather hard and bone dry clay......
..unless this article is what I suspect it may be, a bit of a spoof, a =
teaching ploy to reinforce the original vibrant and powerful message....
.....In the Technology of Ceramic Arts take nothing for granted, nothing =
as sacred, ask questions and examine the reasons behind every =
answer.....Then make your own choices.
By the way...What important ingredient is absent from the recipe for =
"Gorilla Slip" ? No prizes for the answer.....
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.