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was -- re: back pedaling! a new; now -- clennell's mystic teapot

updated wed 8 feb 06


Steve Slatin on tue 7 feb 06

Hey, Tony C!

Now we have a new test -- when your teapot was taken off the
mantel and used (albiet solely in order to make a point) and
presumably WASHED before being returned to the mantel did
it 'acquire' the washing as a cleaning technique, or did it
retain dusting (making it 'art' and not a teapot) as a primary
cleaning technique?

I think we have the opportunity here to spin off this little
squabble into a totally different squabble. What an

-- Steve Slatin

Lee Love wrote:
Here is a simple way to decide if something is art or pottery?

Is it dusted or is it washed in the sink?

Steve Slatin --

In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again
as my life is done in watermelon sugar.

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