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new sondahl beginners videos and other news

updated wed 8 feb 06


Brad Sondahl on mon 6 feb 06

I've just released 3 one hour DVD's for beginning wheel throwing, as a
precursor to the 2 intermediate DVD's I made last year, making 5 hours
of useful wheel throwing tidbits. If you're a teacher, you might be
interested in the beginning videos as an adjunct, or the intermediate
ones for more challenging projects. They're described on this webpage:
In other news I've made a brief foray into cartooning, and discovered
most people don't like poorly drawn cartoons, but I'm enjoying myself
and it's my webpage so they're staying there. The cartoons started with
drawing bunnies on some of my pots. Also my original mentor in pottery,
Chris Holmquist, has done a lot of good things in clay with cartoon like

Brad Sondahl

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