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raku kiln video (liability?)

updated mon 6 feb 06


Robert Briggs on sun 5 feb 06

Hi, Clay world!

I've posted several times to ClayArt and I've been a lurker for many years.
My name is Robert Briggs and I run a small ceramics studio in Southwest
About a year ago I finished my first video "/Throwing American Style
Raku Pottery/"
and it's been doing pretty well for me on Ebay and locally. Everyone now
expects me
to finish up the series by producing a DVD about building your own raku
kiln using ceramic
fiber blanket - I'm scared! - How liable am I if some kid burns himself
up trying to build one?
What are the legal ramifications of putting out a video like this? Will
mere disclaimers be
sufficient? (paranoid).

Robert Briggs