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i own a copy of doat's book

updated mon 6 feb 06


Linda Mosley on sun 5 feb 06

Hi Clayarters,

I've been too busy to read the list lately, but see
today that some are looking for a copy of Taxile
Doat's book. I own a copy of Grand Feu Ceramics,
translated from the French by Samuel E. Robineau,
Keramic Studio Publishing Co. 1905, and would consider
making copies of it.

I was given this very used copy years ago when I was
researching University City Pottery, for a panel I
moderated on "University City Pottery and the Woman's
Republic of 1910, NCECA '85. My husband and I also
made photographic slides of the pottery that, at the
time, was languishing unnoticed in a glass case in the
U.City Library.

My copy of Grand Feu came to me with clay smudges and
scotch tape holding the cover to a broken spine, loose
pages, etc. so I don't think making a photocopy would
damage it. It was obviously used in her studio by
Florence French Holm, an early ceramics instructor at
Washington University, who gave it to me for
safe-keeping, and I think she would be pleased to see
it put to good use again. I was honored that she
entrusted me with these materials and promised to take
good care of them. She also gave me a zinc slip tank
that is diagrammed in figure 16 in the book, and a
small slip-cast vase from the U City Pottery.

Please respond either on or off-list to
Linda Mosley

Linda Mosley
Studio Potter & Teacher

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