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beginning potter -question about kilns?

updated wed 8 feb 06


Scott Hunnicutt on sun 5 feb 06

hey all,
I have a quick question,
I am a beginning potter and have a quick question which would be easier
buying or building a small kiln? I really only have the following options if
I buy a kiln
I can only really know 120v(don't have readiable access to 240v)
I am a first year college student so I have almoost no cash so I am limited
to small kilns due to money.

I could build a kiln(wood)(2-5 cu. foot)

1. does anyone know of a place to get soft or hard firebrick in nc
relatively cheaply?

2. can anyone point me in the direction of plans to build a small wood
burning kiln?

any comments would help,
scott Hunnicutt

Lee Love on tue 7 feb 06

----- Original Message -----
From: "Scott Hunnicutt"

> 2. can anyone point me in the direction of plans to build a small wood
> burning kiln?

Scott, Ain't weird when you ask folks for information and they tell you
why you shouldn't know what you want to know?

Owning my own kiln was one of the most important steps in become a
working potter. An electric makes sense in the begining, when you are
learning to make strong forms. The labor and turn around are quicker, so
you can see your results. I would not be too focused on selling right
away. If you start that way it will stunt your growth as a potter
pleasing the market rather than developing an eye and an aesthetic
sensibility. Raku is another way to go. These are both ways to help your
forms quickly.

You might find the Woodkiln list helpful. There, nobody will ever tell
you you're nutz for building a woodkiln.

Sign up here:

I put up simple plans and photos of the building process of my 1 cubic
meter kiln here:

You might also find Steve Mills small kiln plans interesting. Actually,
this is a good design for a student. It fires quickly and is not
expensive to build. I am going to build a simple version of it to bisque
in, and maybe raku and experimental firing:

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