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steph's tile, arch ceramics and sculpture workshops: email glitch

updated sat 4 feb 06


Stephani Stephenson on thu 2 feb 06

Dear folks

Some of you had emailed me about registering for my workshops.
IF you sent email to the "workshop" mailbox,
the email never reached me.
It seems as if the new mailbox I set up has not been working correctly!
I talked to the company which forwards my domain mail to my internet
account today to see if I had set up the box wrong.
They helped me smooth out a few things, however I have been sending
test email to it all afternoon
and about half of the messages don't seem to make it through.
This really mystifies me.
(I checked the spam folder and nothing there either),
I do want to say
THANK YOU to those of you, Serene and Kathy and others, who followed
up with a phone call and alerted me to the problem!
I am so happy you did and looking forward to seeing you at the

SO if you contacted me about one of the upcoming workshops and did not
hear back, please do try again!
I have the workshops info posted on my website, along with pdf
format registration forms. and contact info.

the webpage is at http://

Thanks much
Stephani Stephenson