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updated fri 3 feb 06


Lee Love on thu 2 feb 06

On 2006/02/02 2:16:31, wrote:
> You have a Norton and you are on the road, not the sidelines.
> It's a nice day for a ride, so spark up the snortin' Norton and leave
> protesters to just go home angry.

Thanks Tony. I gave my Commando to my son Matt years ago. But, it would
be great here in Japan. Often, when driving down winding mountain roads,
I imagine what it would feel like on the Norton. Maybe I will get
another one in my old age. I have seen, maybe a half dozen of them here
in Mashiko. It is a nice day trip from Tokyo and you often see bikers in
town. I am surprised by the numbers of Harleys you see. They are maybe
the second most numerous foreign bikes here, right behind BMWs, in a
close tie with Ducatis.

Jean tells me that many of the engineers she teaches at Honda R&D, who
are required to drive Hondas into the company parking lot, drive Honda
bikes to work, which gets them through the traffic jam between
Utsunomiya and the industral park shaving about an hour off of their
commute. The drive outside of rush hour usually takes only 30minutes.
There is a bottle-neck at the bridge over the river that don't effect
the motorcycles.

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