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your own business

updated wed 25 jan 06


mel jacobson on tue 24 jan 06

i just wanted to follow up my last post about

it is never ego driven when you promote your own
business. it is `business`.

if you are a `private business person`...who does the
business? you do.
you make the clay,
the pots, fire them.
price them...but you must also
go out and get your own customers.

they do not just show up.

it is data base, magazine and local papers, keeping
names of new friends and neighbors.
you promote, work at it, or die on the vine.
you interview shops and galleries. you pick the ones
that you would like to be in. then work it. be a good
customer of the gallery owner. make deadlines. don't whine.
deliver timely, sellable pots. and then turn it around, would
you like to own the with artists that do not
understand business? `oh, i have to go to nceca, i can't
deliver your 30 pots for spring.`

i am so tired of the whining folks that think that
some talent scout is waiting to `discover` them.
it will never happen.
it is up to the private business person to do that.

if you are shy...get a friend to do pots for
someone to make some calls on your behalf.
have that friend send some press releases about your
next show. if you are shy...well, you are going to have
to work very hard to be `un/shy` about your work.
from mel/

Sam Kelly on tue 24 jan 06

I agree on the need to constantly promote yourself, do it everyday anyway
you can. I have a cap/hat and a t-shirt with my logo on them, wear one to
outings or to the pub, someone always reads them.
With regard to putting pots in galleries and the like, I havn't had a
great deal of luck with galleries. Mostly here in Australia no one buys up
front, its all commission. I supply 3 galleries(commission) and 1 shop
that specialise's in handcrafted pottery(buys up front), needless to say
the shop gets priority and we have a great working relationship, I work on
that relationship whenever I can. Neighbours, friends and thier friends
etc. are my next best customers, they far exceed the gallery sales.